I bought Vivo Y15 2020 through Shopee


 Assalamualaikum & Hi.

Disclaimer: This is not a review session. Ermmm. Maybe just a little bit. Hehe.

Earlier this year, my phone was dropped in the toilet and I cannot save it! After seven months, finally I decided to buy a new smartphone. Taraa. This is my choice. Sorry la if you guys being like, "Alaa.. bukan phone harga beribu pun.", because, DO I CARE! Hahahaha.

Vivo Y15 2020

Why I choose Vivo Y15 2020?

- Task
- RAM and storage
- Budget/Price
- Review

I'm not a gamer and i do not use my phone for heavy task. I just want a phone that I can use for light tasks and have at least 4 RAM. I experienced with 3 RAM and at the end my phone lagged. My previous phone was 4 RAM and I like it. Well, we know the RAM related with the storage and your usage. I know myself better, and this is the best choice.

Other than RAM, I set my price range less than RM 1000. Well, asian like the cheaper price kan. Kekeke. So, with RAM that I want, the price is above RM 550. I know my budget and I set my target. Be a smart shopper, guys. Hehe. So, I downsized my choices before I search for the users review. 

I looked for the reviews on internet, youtube and stores. I went to store with my brother and he wanted to buy a new phone too. So, I did some surveys with promoter. She offered me with phone which is out my budget. Hahaha. Sorry, I'm not easily 'tergugat' when I know what I want. At first, I like Xiaomi, cause Xiaomi is a high spec smartphone with a low price. I recommend it if you are gamer. But when she mentioned kinda hard to find the sparepart, I have the second thought. Not just sparepart, back at the time I used Xiaomi, hard for me to find suitable casing phone. And there's not so many Xiaomi store. So, X for Xiaomi 🙅🏻‍♀️.

I went through the reviews on youtube. There is review on Vivo Y15 2020 and Oppo A12. Owh before I resume, I mentioned about my brother and he bought Oppo A12. So, I don't want to have the same one like him. Hahaha. Continue - I also read other users review in comment section. With my preference to use for light task and in my budget, this is the best smartphone for me. I make up my mind and I want to grab this phone!

If you go to any shops or stores, the price of Vivo Y15 2020 is RM 599. No discount at all, but you will receive a few free gifts. So I just think, why not I try to buy it online. I hit the shopee store and search for it. And lastly, I found a trusted store called DGB Mobile. Guess what, I got a cheaper price! For the basic package, means only the smartphone and existing items in the box, it just RM 529. Plus, I used free shipping and RM 8 vouchers. I'm so excited with it. Hahaha.

I placed my order on Monday and received it on Wednesday. I did request a free gift with the seller. Hehehe. I did not request for something expensive. I just asked for tempered glass. And now I kinda regret because the phone is already have the tempered glass. Stupid la Zie ni. Huhu. Seller also put a free stylus pen in it. Hihi. Thumbs up for seller. But, it is hard to contact the seller. Even he/she did leave whatsapp number, he/she did not replied me at all. It took hours for the reply and sometimes no reply. However, since I got tempered glass as I requested, then he/she did take note about it even without reply.

These are my way if I want to buy smartphone through online or offline. It is important for me to buy something worth with it value since I tend to use something until the end of life cycle. Plus, smartphone is an item that easily to evolve. Every month, there will be a new model. Hahaha.

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  1. Not bad with that price. Sekarang tiap-tiap tahun keluar model baru tak boleh nak catch up lol

    1. Tahu takpe. Bukan setiap tahun, setiap bulan pun mesti ada yang baru keluar.

  2. thanks , baru ja plan nak beli xiaomi minggu ni sbb nak ganti phone. saya taknak lah beli xiaomi kalau mcm tu smpai susah nak cari sparepart segala tu hehehhehe :)

    1. Haritu shopee mall buat promosi xiaomi note 9, RM 699. Worth jugak tu sebab dia quad camera. Boleh je kalau jenis cermat pakai.

  3. wahh smartphone baru leh updet blog hari2 nih., ;p

    1. Hahaha.. insyaAllah.. hari2 mungkin tak. Seminggu sekali, boleh la cuba. Hehe


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