Tidy Up My Old Clothes



Wow, since I want to limit myself from Tiktok, I do have plenty free times and it makes me wanna blogging again. Kikikiki.

Last night, I tidy up my old clothes since I gonna have a new life in less than a month (InsyaAllah). So, while tidy up my old clothes, there are many clothes since from university time until now. Some of them were bought with my classmates, friends (including exes) and sisters. All old memories are flashback in my mind. Many things happened back then, but I am grateful how I growing up to be myself today.

I learned that :

  • Loving myself is a big matter before I love anyone else.
  • I am the leader for my own life.
  • Peoples are easy come and go in my life, so just cherish them while they're with you and prepare to let them go when the time comes.
  • Life ain't easy at all without money. Thus, build up my assets.
  • There are many things I learned and the list will be endless.. hahaha.. let's stop here.

I bought the tudung and pendant from my Tiktok's friend.

I can't turn back the time to fix my old mistakes. But I can stop doing the same mistakes from my experiences. Let's cherish all the memories and live up with the present.

Till then, bye.

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  1. saya suka ayat yg last tu. btw congrats again on your wedding kak zizie! lama sgt tk singgah sini, slalu tgok perkembangan dari ig je haha


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